Anglo Saxon Woden Head Replica

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Anglo Saxon Woden Head pendant based on a 6-7th century gilt bronze mount found in 


If you would require a loop soldered on top please let me know. If you order a chain to accompany it I will add it automatically :).

Please note, you are buying a handmade piece of jewellery and we will not always have it in stock and I may require some time to make it! 

If you want this in other materials please email me for a quote at We are always open to alter and change any of our pieces to suit your tastes. In the listing the piece might look darker than the finished piece. We artificially darken our silver pieces with liver of sulfur so that the details will show up in photographs but as standard the finished piece will be shiny and polished. If you'd prefer us to darken it then please let us know and we will happily do this for you.

This has been carved by myself from wax and then cast in high quality by Jewellery Casting Scotland and finished with a mixture of power tools and traditional hand tools like files and saws. Silver will be sand-cast in my home workshop. Available with a free choice of waxed cotton or leather cord. We also have a seperate listing with silver chains here if you desire:

All our packaging is 100% paper. No plastic at all.

Due to the weight of this piece in any solid (not plated) precious metal by law it must be hallmarked. This will take roughly an additional 2-4 weeks. we normally use large hallmarks that stand out, always on the reverse of one sided pendants, the side of double sided pendants or the inside of rings or bracelets. If you would like them to be more subtle please let us know